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Content Platform for Creator Revenue Generation

FanzVu is a content platform where you can generate revenue from subscriptions, paid messages, live videos, paid events and tips.


Connect with your audience and build meaningful relationships by providing exclusive engagements.

Connect your OnlyFans and Patreon account as well as all of your socials in your profile and expand your fanbase. Contact us or donate to our associated causes today!


FanzVu is FREE for Creators and Fans


Level up your life with FanzVu

Start living the life you deserve by generating revenue from your content and our affiliate program

Our Platform believes in building a strong relationship with you by offering you the best revenue in the Industry

Sell and/or purchase original content

      Free for Creators and Fans

Create what you want with FanzVu

Dream BIG

Carve out a space in whatever niche you're in and make money

Showcase your talents and share your skills with your Fans



Refer and earn with FanzVu

Signup with a referral link and receive 90% of your revenue for 90 days

Receive 10% lifetime commission on all income earned by any user who joins via your referral link

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FanzVu online shopping
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FanzVu online store
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FanVu Educational training
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FanzVu online training
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FanzVu language learning
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FanzVu Features

  • Make some of your posts free to get Discovered on our Discovery page.

  • Customize your welcome message.

  • Customize multiple subscription levels for different content and pricing.

  • Customize pricing for posts, messages, audio & video calls.   (adult content included)

  • Create Paid Events and get discovered by every user on the Platform.

  • Every User on the Platform can view upcoming events

  • Create Fan lists and send mass messages and get statistics.

  • Store images & videos in your vault.

  • Detailed Tutorials.

  • Watermarked posts.

  • Request payouts.

  • Block Users.

  • Subscription sales.

  • Let us promote you on our socials. Simply send us your profile link and a video or image to our instagram.

  • Receive Tips***This allows you to sell merchandise. Simply make some free posts so users can find you on the Discovery page and let them know what you're selling. When they message you they can give you their mailing address and you can calculate what they'll need to Tip you to cover shipping costs and make your profit. Be sure to screenshot the transaction as well and keep proof that the merchandise was shipped to the Users address.

  • Invite Friends and earn 10% lifetime commission on all income earned by any user who joins via your link. This is not only a promise but will be included in the Content Agreement/contract that we will sign with you during the signup process.

  • Signup with a referral link and receive 90% for 90 days

Jonah.B, CA

“Not only have I been growing my Fanbase I've also been able to make a healthy income through the referral program FanzVu has in place."

Laura,M, NY

"I've been able to take care of my kids and make a comfortable living by offering singing lessons."

Chris.B, GER

“The live video and paid events have really helped me boost my Subscribers.”


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